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Caucasus Contemporary Music & Film Festival ‘Tbilisi Live!’

Caucasus Contemporary Music & Film Festival ‘Tbilisi Live!’


‘Tbilisi Live!’ was a month long series of concerts marking the conclusion of the 5-year annual CAUCASUS 16 DAYS and the Caucasus White Ribbon Ambassadors multimedia end violence against women campaigns devised by Pida Ripley and implemented by WomenAid International and its local partner, WomenAid International-Caucasus. Over 100 artistes, many of them White Ribbon Ambassadors, generously volunteered to support the Caucasus Contemporary Music & Film Festival and more than 3000 people attended the events.

Sponsors:  Government of Canada, Pida Ripley Foundation. 
Partners: WomenAid International, WAI-Caucasus, Rustaveli Cinema, all press and media

MUSIC ON THE SILK ROAD performers included Yo-Yo-Ma Silk Road composer, Vache Sharafyan, and and musician Gevorg Dabaghyan with Levon Arakelyan and the Chamber Trio ‘Tiflis’; Khatuna Tushmalishvili, Zurab Khutsishvili, Vazha Kalandadze with Lia Baidoshvili.

"I write to express the willingness of the Ministry of Culture, Monument Preservation and Sports to support your latest initiative – the Caucasus Contemporary Music Festival.   The launch and development of this major cultural event, dedicated to civil society development, peace-building within the region and the global promotion of the South Caucasus places a central spotlight on Georgia’s own commitment to encourage greater cooperation within the region.“

Giorgi Gabashvili, Minister of Culture, Monument Preservation & Sports of Georgia. 2005

The duduk is an ancient double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood; the reed, called ghamish or yegheg, is a local plant growing alongside the Arax River. It is indigenous to and popularized through creation and composition by the people of Armenia. Characterized by a warm, soft, slightly nasal timbre, it belongs to the category of aerophones, which also includes the balaban played in Azerbaijan and Iran, the duduki common in Georgia and the ney in Turkey. The roots of Armenian duduk music go back to the times of the Armenian king Tigran the Great (95-55 BC). Gevorg Dabaghyan and Vache Sharafyan are famous duduk soloists.

Chamber Trio "Tiflis"